Voyage Prive UK Website Review & Ratings + Voyage Prive UK Coupons
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Voyage Prive UK Website Review & Ratings + Voyage Prive UK Coupons

Voyage Prive UK: Products & Services

The company operates a travel club aimed at providing the best luxury destinations at ground breaking prices to its members. The site provides its members with 40 top destination offers each week via a weekly newsletter. All the offers provided by the site are valid up to a period of five days only but the site promises that one can always find a selection of chic city breaks, beautiful country getaways and gorgeous beach retreats through it. The site provides the best offers at highly discounted prices and provides free memberships to the users with excellent support via its excellent customer service.

In order to ensure good customer satisfaction, the company has developed an insurance policy scheme. Voyage Privé travel insurance is typically suitable for travel customers who wish to insure themselves for medical emergencies, delayed or missed departures, cancellation and curtailment, lost, stolen or delayed possessions, loss of travel money and passport, personal accident, personal liability and legal expenses.

Voyage Prive UK: Company Background

The company Voyage Privè UK Ltd. and is registered in the UK with its UK office located in London while the company basically originates from France. The company now operates over most parts of the world with offices in France, UK, Italy, Spain and Brazil. The company owns a unique concept of flash sales that provides users an opportunity to grab the best deals within five days of posting. This way, the company is also able to provide much better discounted prices for topmost tourist and travel destinations. Voyage Privé prides themselves on putting their members first, that' is why over 95% of their customers give them positive feedback when they return from a Voyage Privé holiday.

Voyage Prive UK: Customer Feedback & Reviews

The site provides a link to an external database of trusted third party reviews for the site and the site scores an average of four and a half stars after considering more than 6000 customer reviews for the site’s various services. Nearly all the users have mentioned that they were quite satisfied with the site as they weren’t charged with any additional hidden charges from their bookings. The site’s operations and communications are done via emails only and this appears confusing to most of the users but there were no cases to be found that indicated any losses due to this method.

Voyage Prive UK: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

The site fails to find a spot among the worldwide reputed businesses that are listed by the Better Business Bureau as no listing of the same could be traced anywhere in the records of the BBB. There was no media coverage to be found for the company or the website and there are no listed awards on the site. The site has ABTA and ATOL protection labels and displays them proudly but they simply assure that a business is legit. No other accreditations or certifications could be found out.

Voyage Prive UK: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

There shows no reviews against its name as suggested by its Alexa page and it ranks the site globally at 104,968 in terms of traffic flow towards the site. The site was found linked to 110 other sites and it was found that nearly 23 percent of the visits to the site are bounces. Statistics indicate that the site has got a Google page rank of 4 out of 10 and the site receives 77,304 monthly unique visitors.

Voyage Prive UK: Social Media Presence

The company is present on social networking sites as various profiles and official pages of the site were found on sites like Facebook, twitter, etc. However, there was no YouTube channel found associated to the site and no blog of the site could be traced either. The Facebook page found for the site shows 6,177 user likes while the twitter page was showing 1,548 followers of the site. A Google plus profile showing a count of 31 plus ones was also found linked to the site.

Voyage Prive UK: Website Security & Safety

All the pages following the bookings page are secured with the Secured Socket Layer protection techniques. The payment information provided to the site is fully secured and automatically encrypted to prevent any illegal use of the same. The Google diagnostic report for the site also indicates that the site is safe and not suspicious. Over the past 90 days, Google couldn’t link the site to any illegal activity like hosting malicious software or spreading malware or any such bad practices. The site was also not found being involved in spreading infections over the internet to other sites.

Voyage Prive UK: Pricing & Packages

The site doesn’t list any fixed offers or prices and the offers don’t rotate periodically. No offer is available twice on the site so the top level services change after every five days period. Also, each destination contains more than one offers that some of which include the whole trip charges including the flight charges as well while other may provide return flight charges and still other offers exist that simply provide reservations. A random destination displayed 6 different offers in the price range of £131 to £409 per person.

Voyage Prive UK: Shipping Rates & Policies

This company does not provide shipping because of the type of operation it does. Shipping is not applicable as the company provides a service accessible through online mediums and no tangible items are being sold to customers. Shipping cost or fees are therefore exempted from all charges as the company operates a travel club aimed at providing the best luxury destinations at ground breaking prices to its members.

Voyage Prive UK: Payment Methods Accepted

The site’s terms and conditions list all the payment policies as well the modes of payment that are accepted by the site against its services. A payment to the site may be made using international credit as well as debit cards. The site accepts cards like VISA credit cards, Master cards, Visa debit cards and the site also displays a future possibility of payments via Maestro Debit Cards. The site doesn’t deduct the full costs at the time of the bookings; deductions are made only after a reservation has been confirmed.

Voyage Prive UK: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The site’s cancellation policies indicate that cancellations are allowed but for refunds, one has to inform the site in written form via post, fax or email. The site reserves the right to return any amount of the money paid by the users but usually only some cancellation charges are deducted and the rest is refunded to the users based upon the arrangement type that has been confirmed and other important factors. In addition to cancellation charges, some additional administrative charges are also deducted from the refunds provided. Flight cancellations are prone to minimum cancellation fees while 30 percent deductions are made against cancellations of treatments.

Voyage Prive UK: Product images & screenshots
Voyage Prive UK Coupons
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